Dr. Sivaram

Short Bio

Dr. Sivaram V S Mylavarapu is an Associate Professor at Regional Centre for Biotechnology. He is an expert in the area of Cell Division, Intercellular Communication and Cellular Dynamics.

He received his PhD from National Institute of Immunology and conducted postdoctoral research at University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA in the fields of membrane trafficking and cell division, using the tools of structural biology, biophysics, cell biology, high resolution optical microscopy.

Presently, his group at RCB is interested in illuminating the fundamental molecular mechanisms regulating cell division and intercellular communication, with an aim to elucidate their impact on important biological processes. In the long term, they would like to exploit this detailed knowledge to design strategies for amelioration of disease conditions. His lab uses a combination of cell biology, high resolution optical imaging (confocal microscopy in fixed cells and time lapse live cell imaging, fluorescence and super resolution microscopy), proteomics, biochemistry and biophysical analyses and model organism studies to address these questions.

He has more than 17 publications in journals of international repute.