Dr. K Vengadesan


Dr. K Vengadesan

Short Bio

Dr. K Vengadesan is an Associate Professor at Regional Centre for Biotechnology. He is an expert in the area of Structural biology of host-microbe interactions in health and disease, bacterial pili and biofilm.

He received his PhD from University of Madras and did postdoc from University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Presently, his group is working on visualizing host-microbial interface through structural biology tools at the atomic level for understanding of the mechanism by which microbes adhere to and interact with the host surface for colonization. His group majorly focuses on hair-like surface organelles called pili that enable the bacteria to establish the initial contacts with the host surfaces for colonization and biofilm formation. His ongoing structural investigation programme covers certain beneficial/probiotic and pathogenic strains for getting insights into tissue tropism and microbial interaction strategies in health and diseases.

He has more than 40 publications in the journal of national and international repute, including a patent.