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Startup incubators play a key role in nurturing and scaling ideas. Incubation support system in India is being developed with a focus to support technological growth and advancement in emerging technologies. Unlike startups in the IT sector, enterprising ideas in the biotech sector need incubation support of a different kind where they need a landing space to test their ideas, run their operations, have access to high end instrumentations and locate in a place where they connect with other startups and mentors. BSC BioNEST Bio-Incubator (BBB) offers a unique incubation support to Bio-start ups with distinct feature and serving as a role model for newly established Bio-Incubator.

BBB provides business incubation in physical as well as virtual set up with primary focus on product or service innovation strategy, validation, go-to-market execution. Unique incubation support of BBB is driven by its vision and commitment to provide global innovative solutions for healthcare problems. Innovator can get access to an ecosystem with world-class infrastructure, mentorship from experts, networking, knowledge from industry leaders and peers, talent, and fund raising assistance.

Incubation support at BBB is facilitated by seasoned and skilled professionals, with rich corporate experience, who are working collectively towards the mission of BBB. The team acts as an incubation support system for all startups at various stages of their development, ranging from IP support, strategic business development, coaching & mentoring the young start-ups for growth opportunities, fundraising & collaboration opportunities.

Apart from incubation support, BBB also has accelerator support through an MoU with many public and private bodies to further accelerate the growth of young startups.

In short the BBB provides unique incubation support within its vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem situated in NCR biotech science cluster.

Contact today to know more about the Incubation support system available at BBB.

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