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shc Shine Biotech Pvt. Ltd.shc Shine Biotech Pvt. Ltd. is incorporated for Simplifying HealthCare with the ambition to develop and commercialize next-generation, high-quality healthcare solutions using biotechnology based tools. The company follows the vision of ‘Make-In-India’ concept to transform the world of global health.Currently, we are working in the area of clinical diagnosis and developing rapid, accurate, affordable and field-deployable point-of-care diagnostic solutions for diseases. We are also developing ready/easy-to-use, quality and affordable SMART (eqaSMART) reagents for R&D purposes in the area of life sciences.
QbD BioSciences Pvt. Ltd.QbD Biosciences was incorporated in July 2017 by Biotech Industry professionals with the vision to bridge gap between development and commercialization of Biosimilars and Gene Therapy products. Top Biotech companies &startups in India are focused on the Blockbuster Biosimilar molecules (Bevacizumab, Rituximab, Trastuzumab, Adalimumab, GCSF, Peg-G, EPO and a few others). That leaves a big gap in availability and accessibility of Niche Biotech products in areas of Immuno-oncology and Rare Disease.QbD in its short journey has been able to collaborate with Top Biotech and Gene Therapy Manufacturers from China, Korea, Taiwan and Russia for niche Biosimilars and Gene Therapy products. We search and screen molecules having very good development data and high titre, which can withstand the regulatory scrutiny and market pricing pressures
Bioheaven 360 Genotec Pvt. Ltd.Bioheaven 360 GenotecPvt Ltd. is a MSME startup in biotechnology (DIPP19277). The company is working with the Mission of applying principles of biotechnology individually and/or with other technologies (a step ahead of biotechnology conceptualized alone) in Health, Environment, Agriculture. We are committed to provide products and services that SOCIETY require, BUYERS prefer and PARTNERS are proud of. We strive to grow business with honesty and integrity and having the Vision to harmonise the developmental needs of the society by creating and providing unique, sustainable and environment friendly solutions. The company has collaborated with NIPER, Mohali; THSTI, Faridabad and Delhi University South Campus to work on themes of Aptamer Development, Vaccines, Therapeutic molecules and AI based Bioinformatics and Data Research. The company is developing Agriculture based Apps for the welfare of farmers. To summarize, our focus if towards creation of careful and sustainable solutions to meet human needs by application of principles of biotechnology in line with our mission.
NextGen Invitro Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.NGIVD has a focus to deliver accurate, easy and economical diagnostic products for infectious diseases which have a high incidence in India. The vision is to penetrate the lowest levels of Indian healthcare system (community and primary care) and offer effective and affordable diagnostic solutions for better management of such diseases. NGIVD is developing a whole new class of innovative diagnostic tools that will transform the lives of people having limited or inadequate treatment choices. With innovative molecular sciences, technical excellence and cutting-edge Multiplexing technology, NGIVD is disrupting how diagnostics reaches the people by expanding access to technology once reserved for only the most sophisticated of laboratories and those who could afford it.
VaxFarm Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.VaxFarm Life Sciences is one of India’s Start-up animal healthcare and a biotech company developing and commercializing vaccines for infectious diseases with major unmet needs. The Company’s key strength is embedded in its cutting-edge research and development capabilities. We develop technology to improve animal health and extend people’s lives with a special purpose: make this world to better place to live.
AIGen Therapeuticas Pvt. Ltd.AIGen Therapeutics applies cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms to develop first-in-class therapies for genetic and infectious diseases. A global startup with labs in the Delhi NCR area, AIGen brings together a cross functional team of researchers in machine learning, biological sciences, and medicinal chemistry to innovate new protein-based medicines and biological products. We are at the forefront of biotechnology innovation; our artificial intelligence and data-first approaches extending the limits of what is possible in the biological sciences today
InnoDx Solutions Pvt. Ltd.InnoDx Solutions Pvt. Ltd. primary focus is on providing low-cost end-to-end solution for Human and veterinary healthcare.Metabolic defects, Communicable and Noncommunicable disease, Environmental hazards, Genetics and compromised or overactive Immunity are major contributors to transition of any organism from healthy state to diseased state.Working on both prediction and etiology, our focus is on utilization of latest biotech and information technology-based tools for achieving our main objective of providing indigenous products and solution to import dependent market.
BioDva Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.BioDva Life Sciences has been established as a biological contract research company and it is dedicated to helping partners in their research to bring fast delivery of bio-medicines to the market. BioDva provides global CRO services in the development of biopharmaceuticals including MABs, recombinant proteins, vaccines and cell & gene therapy. BioDva provides unique custom solutions to our collaborators with a special focus on early and late stage process development for the production of therapeutic proteins. According to our partner needs we can design and optimize the process to achieve the best therapeutic production process
Stellar Diagnostics India Pvt. Ltd.Stellar Diagnostics India Pvt. Ltd. is an early stage medical diagnostic company developing a serological based rapid point-of-care tuberculosis test. We aim to make significant contribution in the area of diagnostics by making available essential products which meets global quality standards and are simple to use, rapid detection, affordable prices to developing countries. We also support innovation from the researchers who would like to collaborate with us to shape their innovation into an commercial product in the field of diagnostics.
Vanguard Diagnostics (P) LimitedVanguard Diagnostics (P) Limited, is a development and manufacturing company in the in-vitro Diagnostics space. It was founded in February, 2015 at New Delhi.We develop and manufacture reagents for Hematology, Clinical Chemistry, ELISAs, Flowcytometry and Rapid Card Tests.
With a manufacturing capacity of 1.5 million litres of reagents per annum, we are the youngest and one of the largest manufacturers of haematology reagents in India.
Incredible Devices Pvt. Ltd.Incredible Devices Pvt. Limited makes healthcare more affordable and reachable to those in need. We in vision a nation where dependable healthcare is accessible to all and innovation in the health sector can save lives. Our product CRS cleans the catheter and make them safe to reuse.
BioCredence Pvt. Ltd.Company is working on unique bio-tech idea of producing high quality consistent medical mushroom Cordyceps Militaris and purification of its target active ingredients for first time in India. Cordyceps Militaris grown on vegetarian substrate under controlled environment using biotechnological techniques, contains outstanding bio ingredients (Cordycepin, Adenosine and certain active Polysaccharides) having exceptional antitumor, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-fatigue, hypoglycaemic properties which is used by laboratories, researchers, and pharmaceutical industry.
AptaBharat Innovation Pvt. Ltd.AptaBharat Innovation Pvt. Ltd. is first Indian startup with an expertise in Aptamer technology. Statup aims to develop aptamer-based diagnostic assays for infectious disease such as tuberculosis. In addition to this company also aims to develop aptamer-based research tools for various applications.
Biotide Solutions LLP.The company focus on development of conformationally restricted cationic peptides as antimicrobial agents against multidrug resistant bacteria.